SANDHILLS MEDICAL NOW HAS A TOLL-FREE NUMBER TO REACH ANY SMF OFFICE OR PHARMACY: 866- 737-4031. If not dialing toll-free, or if we call you, our main number is 803-900-6444. Be sure to save both of these numbers.

Click on the office pictures below for office hours and other details for each of our 8 locations

Outside of operating hours, call our after hours care number when it is not an emergency: (803) 401-5966 to speak to the on-call provider.

If in doubt or if you are experiencing life threatening symptoms…
Don’t wait! Call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.

Patients with hearing and speech disabilities can dial 711 to access the Telecommunication Relay Service (TRS) to contact their local Sandhills Medical Foundation office. TRS is a telephone service that allows persons with hearing or speech disabilities to place and receive telephone calls. This is a free service.

*NOTICE: Please protect your personal information. Sandhills will not call or text you and ask for certain information over the phone, such as credit card, bank account routing, etc. Pay attention to phone number someone contacts you from, and when in doubt, hang up and call us directly at one of the offices below to verify.



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645 S. 7th Street
McBee, SC 29101
Toll-Free: 833-335-8291
Phone: (843) 335-8291
Fax: (843) 335-8731
Pharmacy: (843) 335-8297
40 Baldwin Avenue
Lugoff, SC 29078
Phone: (803) 408-3262
Fax: (803) 408-8895
Pharmacy: (803) 438-5537



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Camden MHC SMF
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409 E. Church Street
Jefferson, SC 29718
Toll-Free: 833-658-3005
Phone: (843) 658-3005
Fax: (843) 658-7780
Pharmacy: (843) 658-3006
2611 Liberty Hill Road
Camden, SC 29020
Phone: (803) 432-3447
Fax: (803) 432-3653



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205 W. Marion Street
Kershaw, SC 29067
Phone: (803) 475-4701
Fax: (803) 475-4712

Pharmacy Now open:

(833) 475-4704 Toll-Free
425 N. Salem Avenue
Sumter, SC 29150
Phone: (803) 778-2442
Fax: (803) 778-0880
Pharmacy: (803) 778-0880


Bethune Now Open!

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290 Market St
Ruby, SC 29741
Toll-Free: 833-634-6044
Phone: 843-634-6044
Fax: 843- 634- 6600
103 Main Street South
Bethune, SC 29009
Phone: (843) 334-7145
Fax: (843) 334-7141


In response to COVID-19 and to continue to provide quality, accessible care to our patients, Sandhills Medical Foundation has launched a Virtual Care platform. Patients can connect, through internet connection, to their clinician at the time of their appointment from the comfort and safety of their home. Please click here to virtually visit Sandhills Medical Foundation, Inc.